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        • 湖南恒楚生物科技有限公司
        • Phone: +86?0731-89908622
        • Email:?info@newmstar.com
        • NO.?408?Tong?ZiPo?RD?ChangSha,?HuNan,?China

        Quality Control

        Newmstar has established an advanced quality control system and the advanced independent laboratory for products’ full inspection. 

        Newmstar has been equipped by advanced and efficient testing facilities, which enable factory to do the physical and chemical inspections of raw materials, semi-finished, finished products, active ingredients (UPLC, HPLC, UV), solvent residues (GC), pesticide residues (GC-MS), melamine (HPLC), Plasticizer (HPLC-MS), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (GC-MS), unknown compound (LC-MS-MS), hazardous substances (ICP-MS), antioxidant value (microplate reader), irradiation residue (PPSL) ), enzyme activity, protein, microorganisms, etc. 

        The elaborate quality control system effectively ensured the products’ quality from raw material, semi-finished products to finished products, so as to achieve the demands of the standards.

        Ensure that the excipients, solvents, packaging materials, etc. used in the production process content the demands of the relevant regional and national laws, regulations. 

        Ensure that the quality meet to the UP, EP, JP, AP etc. standards.  

        The standardized production system meet to cGMP requirement. 

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