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        Milk thistle extract

        Latin Name: Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.
        Plant Source: fruit
        Appearance: Yellow Brown powder
        CAS: 84604-20-6
        Specification: 10:1; 80%Silymarins;80% Silymarins/30% Silybins
        Product details:

        Silymarin is extracted from the seeds skin of Plant Milk Thistle, it is a yellow powder or crystal powder, bitter, it can be solved in Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Ethanol, Methanol, it can't be solved in Chloroform and water.
        The main ingredient is flavonoid substance of silymarine is silybin/silibinin, isosilybin/isosilibinin, siliehristin, silidinain. It has the efficacy for liver protecting, improving the function of liver, promotis biliation and diminishing liver inflammation. As a kind of better antioxidant, it can clea free radical in human body, postpone senility. Silymarin can protect the liver from damage of alcohol, chemical toxicant, drug, food poison, accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing. So it is called "The natural liver-protection drug". In addition, Silymarin has the function of anti radiation and, arteriosclerosis preventing, skin-aging delaying. It is widely used in drug, health products, food and cosmetics.

        1.Milk thistle P.E. provides hepatocellular protection by stablizing hepatic cell membranes.
        2.Milk thistle P.E. alters the structureof the outer cell membrane of the hepatocytes in such a way as to prevent the penetration of the liver toxins into interior of the cell.
        3.Silymarin has the stimulation effect on nucleolar polymerase A results in an increase in ribosomalprotein synthesis,and thus increase the regenerative ability of the liver and formation of new hepatocytes.
        4.Silymarin as other actions include interruption of enterohepatic recirculation of toxins and regeneration of damaged hepatocytes. 

        1. Silymarin extract is widely used in medicine, health products, food and cosmetics;
        2. Protecting liver cell membrane and improving the liver function;
        3. Detoxification, reducing the blood fat, benefiting the gallbladder, protecting the brain and removing the free ra dical of body. As a kind of better antioxidant, it can clear free radical in human body, postpone senility;
        4. Silymarin extract has the function of radiation hardening, arteriosclerosis preventing, and skin-aging.



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