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        Soapnut Extract

        Latin Name: Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn.
        Plant Source: Husk of a seed
        Appearance: Yellow Brown or Yellow Powder
        CAS: 8047-15-2
        Specification: 10%-80%saponin
        Product details:

        Soapberry is a plants in the genus Sapindus, native to warm temperate to tropical regions in both the Old World and the New World. The berries of these plants contain a natural, low-sudsing detergent called saponin.
        The drupes (soapnuts) contain saponins which are a natural surfactant. They have been used for washing for thousands of years by native peoples in Asia as well as Native Americans. Soapnuts are being considered and used for commercial use in cosmetics and detergents as well as many other products.

        1.Soapnut Saponin is often used in bath cream, can remove bacteria and make skin smooth and white.
        2.Soapnut Saponin is often used in shampoo,can dispel effectively dandruffs,ease scalp itching and remove oily scalp.
        3.In cosmetics, when discharge makeup, it can remove eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and powdery bottom.
        4.Soapnut Saponin is often used in washing powder and cleaning agent, can dispel besmirch and Kill bacteria.
        5.It is used against asthma, diarrhoea, cholera, verminosis and gastralgia dyspepsia.
        6. It is used in lumbago, hysteria, dyspepsia and worm affection.
        7.It is used as surfactant and used for washing hairs and fabrics.
        8.Research Information : Sapindus Mukurossi Peel Extract possesses antimicrobial activity. It is effective against both gram ve and gram ve bacteria.

        1.For the preparation of liquid soap, shower gel,shampoo, soap, cosmetics and other wash chemicals;
        2.Used as a pesticide emulsifier; kill the effect of cotton aphids,spider mite and sweet potato Jinhua and other insects are better;
        3.Solubilizer, as the natural activity of organic pollutants;
        4. can significantly reduce the volumeand concentration of the acid,which has the potential for the treatment of acute gastric ulcer.


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